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Amer Abdallah, holder of the WKA U.S light heavyweight title, has finally garnered the worldwide recognition he has coveted for quite some time. He received a letter from the WKA U.S. President, Brian Crenshaw on Tuesday, that he has now been formally ranked number 5 in the world by the organization.

Despite his previously being declared a top 10 fighter, Abdallah had not received an actual number until now. Furthermore, he was told if he is successful in his upcoming fight in June, he will find himself in line to compete for a world title. That is the ultimate goal for the Lockport, N.Y. based fighter.

At 14-0, Abdallah has yet to face defeat in his kickboxing career. And he has no plans to start anytime soon. As part of his preparation for his upcoming fight, he has returned to Las Vegas to work with famed boxing trainer Jeff Mayweather.

Before his last outing in June of last year, he also went out to the desert to work with Mayweather who has found tremendous success working with fighters of various combat sports. The two discovered they had great chemistry, and the result was a quick first round TKO of Robert Katzfey in the Road to Glory event held in Western New York.

Each fight is different than the last, so only time will tell if the magic between the two remains. But you can be sure with the new motivation of a potential shot at a world title fueling Abdallah, he will put forth the absolute best effort he has in him.

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