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Rumors have swirled around Kate Gosselin and her former bodyguard, Steve Neild for years. According to In Touch, April 9, 2014, while Kate, 39, is in New York taping “Celebrity Apprentice” she and Steve, 51, have been sharing a hotel room together.

On March 30, In Touch called Steve’s room at the Trump International Hotel. This is where the cast of Celebrity apprentice stay. Instead of Steve answering the phone, Kate did.

Kate’s ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, told In Touch, “Steve and Kate would have one room and the kids would have a separate room when they traveled. It’s confusing to the children.”

When the Gosselin family was doing "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and "Kate Plus 8," TLC hired Steve in 2008 to protect the Gosselin children. The show was cancelled in 2011, yet Steve remains as Kate’s bodyguard.

While everyone else brought their family, friends or loved ones along with them as they taped the show, Kate opted to bring her bodyguard. The production insider told In Touch, “He goes everywhere with her but the boardroom. No one else has a bodyguard or assistant with them.”

According to Radar Online, Steve is married to Gina and they have two sons. On her Facebook page, she posted family pictures. She and Steve look very happy together in each one.

“Celebrity Apprentice” is currently filming for their 2014 series to air on NBC. The premier date has not been set.

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