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The information that will be shared with you now is taken from an article from the Washington Free Beacon online.

Reading this just made this writer’s blood boil. It seems that the Bureau of Land Management has joined forces with a military style bullying operation at a Clark County, Nevada ranch owned by Cliven Bundy and his wife Carol.

According to Mr. Bundy, his ranch has been family run for centuries. However, since 1992, the BLM has been trying to force the Bundys to pay a fee to allow their cattle to graze there. They have been refusing to pay such fees because prior to 1993, their cattle had been grazing there since Cliven Bundy’s family started the ranch in centuries past.In order to force the Bundys to pay the fee the BLM has taken a stance to make life as miserable for them as they can.

To make their point, they have gone to the extreme position of stationing heavily armed officials around the perimeters of the Bundy ranch. Cliven Bundy told Washington Free Beacon that they estimate there are about 200 armed BLM and FBI agents heavily armed with automatic weapons, sniper rifles, top communication and surveillance equipment stationed around their ranch.

It’s reported that there are Contractors in place to round up the Bundy’s cattle. As of Monday, 234 head of cattle out of 908 have been seized at a cost to the government to move and keep them in another area could be as high as million. Great use of the government’s, no, the taxpayer’s money.

The family reported that on Monday afternoon, eight helicopters surrounded the family when they began taking picture. Their son, Dave Bundy was arrested for taking pictures on state road 170 and is now being held by BLM. According to Carol Bundy, five officials threw him to the ground and pushed his head into the gravel, causing bruises to his head.

Of course, environmentalists are praising this action by the government. It seems that the ranch’s grazing area has been designated as a critical habitat for threatened desert tortoises and necessary for their survival as a species.

Wait a minute! You mean the survival of tortoises is more important than the survival of a family who has been ranchers on that property for centuries? Are we still on the planet earth or have we been sucked up to the planet of the extreme stupidites?

Now, according to the BLM 186,909 acres of the Bundy’s grazing land had been set aside and were off-limits for the survival of the desert tortoise in 1998. They said that Cliven Bundy lost his grazing permit five years earlier because he refused to pay fees for the use of the land.

It puzzles this writer as to why they should have had to start paying fees on land that had been part of the ranch run by Bundy’s ancestors since the 1870s.

The grazing fee is set according to the amount of forage needed per animal per month. There is a difference in estimates as to how much back fees Bundy owes. Bundy says it is around 0,000, but BLM says it’s closer to million.

Cliven Bundy feels that his stand against the BLM is a stand for state sovereignty and the right to have access to and use of land that has been used for cattle since the early days of America.

The Bundys say it is more than their cattle that is at stake. It is their freedom to ranch on property that has been part of the family for a more than two hundred years.

There is no use turning to the Sheriff’s office or even to the governor of the state? Both say they have no authority. Oh, and why is that? Why is it the call of the BLM?

The Bundy’s are not the only ones concerned about state sovereignty and citizen’s right under the Constitution. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval (R) has voiced similar concerns. He feels the intimidation and limiting of the Bundy’s Constitutional rights need to be addressed.

Sandoval said that his office has received a number of other complaints about the actions and conduct of the BLM toward other Nevadans, as well as other disturbances in the area.

Why is it that so many government departments whether local, state or federal, seem to believe that they have all power to dictate to the people what they can and cannot do with their own property. The fact that there is no oversight to maintain citizens’ rights is very disturbing.

What do you think? Are the Bundy’s within their rights? Has the arms of the government, once more, reached further than the Constitution allows? Would you be willing to stand with the Bundy’s to fight for their land and their rights?

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