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Political summits, mission trips, business conventions, and experiential learning trips for students can become a target for civil unrest and extremist activity. Unfortunately, the numbers of threats associated with traveling abroad are on the rise due to intensifying geopolitical conflicts, along with other issues that create hazards for travelers. Consequently, those planning to travel abroad as a group need to prepare, as a group, for the potential threats that could interrupt their travel plans or endanger the wellbeing of group members.

Because no one should live in fear and no one can predict when a minor risk will turn into a serious threat, group travel insurance is probably the best way to guard against anything that might go wrong. Not only does this type of insurance include provisions that cover the medical needs of a travel group’s members, financial compensation for medical issues that hinder travel plans, and a support network to guarantee travelers can get proper care, it also provides for emergency evacuation and repatriation services should a situation turn life-threatening, among other benefits.

Group travel insurance also ensures a cancelled trip or interrupted trip does not mean the group takes a financial loss. Meanwhile, group travel insurance also provides for commonplace issues that can plague all travelers. Baggage delay insurance, for example, ensures a few pieces of lost luggage with not derail an entire group’s travel plans. Standard medical coverage, dental, and psychiatric care, along with a whole host of other benefits, are generally included in group travel insurance in order to help keep individual members of the group safe and sound while protecting the group from the issues of the individuals .

Furthermore, disruptive events like severe weather and outbreaks of civil unrest are issues that can derail the travel plans of any travel group, but those traveling in a group have added issues due to their need to stick together. For groups that might attract negative attention, especially when they are directly or inadvertently connected to politically charged issues, added risks must be addressed. Consequently, group travel insurance is essential to safeguard the personal and financial wellbeing of all travelers from the unknowns.

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We are a proud member unit of the California Historical Society, which is the largest World War II reenactment group on the West Coast, and the only organization to stage full on armor and infantry reenactments.