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THROWING A GRADUATION PARTY WITH PHILADELPHIA FLAIRBy Stu Leventhal (Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant)

Your Baby’s graduating and you want to show how proud you are. What better reason for a party? Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a Graduation party Catered by Meridith’s Catering and Events, the Philadelphia Graduation Party Experts! Now, Meridith’s catering is making it fun, easy and affordable with some tasty, specially priced Graduation Party Packages!

MERIDITH’S GRADUATION PARTY CATERINGwww.meridiths.com610-251-0265info@meridiths.com

WOW! They grow up fast! Yesterday you were changing their diapers then teaching them how to ride their first bicycle. Now they are little men and little ladies!

You look at your son or daughter with real admiration, love and pride. You have so many expectations for their adult life. You want to tell them you believe in them. You want to tell them, you are their biggest fan. You believe they can and will achieve all their dreams and you want them to know, no matter what happens, you will always be in their corner, cheering them on. And, when they need help, you will be there too!

Okay, now that I have practically written your whole graduation party toast for you, all that is left is to call Meridith’s, The School Graduation Party Experts to pick out your Affordable Meridith’s Graduation Party Package! 610-251-0265 or info@meridiths.com

- Philadelphia style Italian roast pork with long hots, Italian bread loafs, chicken piccata or marsala, tossed salad with ranch or Italian dressing, our zesty pasta salad and cookies and brownies for dessert (Just ask for the ‘CAP AND GOWN’ Graduation Party Promotion Package!)

- MERIDITH’S ‘HONOR’S PACKAGE’: Italian meatballs with provolone cheese, Italian bread loafs, Tuscan chicken with artichokes and sundried tomatoes, Tuscan bowtie pasta salad, Caesar salad with homemade croutons and for dessert nothing says decadence like assorted cheesecakes!

- The ‘VALEDICTORIAN’ features herb roasted chicken, parmesan risotto, garlic string beans with bacon, mandarin salad with soy vinaigrette and Meridith’s Signature ‘BERRY CRISP’ Dessert topped with fresh whipped cream!


Here’s some more tasty, Meridith’s Graduation add-on treats from the delicious BUILD YOUR OWN menu:

Mini-crab cakes, chicken lollipops, turkey chili, antipasto skewers, fresh fruit trays, American potato salad, traditional fine cut coleslaw, broccoli slaw, penne or rigatoni with marinara, vodka or alfredo sauce, our award winning mac and cheese, vegetable or meat lasagna, lobster, shrimp or eggplant ravioli and many more culinary delights for you to select from….

Just call and Meridith’s Expert Graduation Party Planners will be happy to assist you with tips and suggestions or walk you through the easy online Graduation Party ordering and booking process.

MERIDITH’S GRADUATION PARTY CATERINGwww.meridiths.com610-251-0265info@meridiths.com

*CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL PHILADELPHIA GRADUATES! And remember this event only comes around once in a life time! So, take advantage of Meridith’s great ‘GRADUATION PARTY DEALS’ and do it up PHILADELPHIA STYLE!

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