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Apparently those in casting at "Celebrity Apprentice" know that drama will bring a crowd. At least that's what they must have been thinking when Brandi Glanville, Kate Gosselin and Kenya Moore were all cast to work together this season. The ink is barely dry on their contracts and they are already going after each other according to an April 9 report by Radar Online.

First it was Brandi versus Kate Gosselin during the pie selling challenge. As soon as word got out that the reality TV stars were on set and filming "Celebrity Apprentice," there were reports that the two would barely even look at each other. It's really no surprise that Glanville and Gosselin didn't hit it off. There's only room in the spotlight for one right?

Well now the reports are saying that Brandi has taken her laser focus off of Gosselin and planted it firmly on Kenya Moore. Will Kenya earn herself another "Real Housewife" beat down? The way she runs her mouth, it is a distinct possibility.

According to the rumor mill, Brandi hates Kenya so much that she uses all opportunities to trash her and call her names. Brandi has even made fun of Kenya's "fat butt" within earshot of others.

Glanville apparently takes the competition on "Celebrity Apprentice" very seriously and that may be part of the reason she keeps fighting with people. She allegedly told Donald Trump that she is "crumbling under the pressure" of the "Celebrity Apprentice" competition. There are even reports that she is self medicating with Xanax and alcohol. That could be a very dangerous combination. Maybe she should remove herself from the show and recover.

Are you looking forward to this season of "Celebrity Apprentice?" From the looks of the cast, this season should prove to be very entertaining and full of drama.

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