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Amanda Bynes is back and wants her fans to know she is doing well. She also wants them to know that she is not schizophrenic and never has been. According to an April 9 report by New York Daily News, Bynes attorney Tamar Arminak has been clearing up some rumors on behalf of the actress.

It is no secret that Amanda Bynes was sent for a mental evaluation last year that led to a months long stint in a mental facility where she received court mandated treatment. Once released into her mother's care, Bynes has seemed like a totally different person. She looks much healthier and stable than in the recent past.

Amanda Bynes has never made her medical diagnosis public despite much speculation over whether she might be schizophrenic or bipolar. Although Arminak specifically shot down reports that the starlet is schizophrenic, the subject of Bynes being afflicted by a bipolar disorder has not been discussed.

Amanda Bynes' mother has allegedly been fighting her daughter's fight recently. According to Lynn Bynes, Amanda doesn't have anything wrong with her and is not medicated. According to the elder Bynes, Amanda's issues were all brought on by her use of marijuana.

Since returning home from a treatment facility in December, Bynes has seemed the picture of herself. She looks happier than ever and has even apologized for some of the off-the-wall things she had done. Amanda is currently a full time student majoring in fashion design.

The 28-year old is living with her parents Rick and Lynn Bynes. Lynn is acting as Amanda's legal guardian until at least September. Her contributions to social media aren't the spectacle they once were. Amanda's Twitter account now has seemingly normal pictures of the star and a few drawings the school work she is doing.

Do you think Amanda Bynes' erratic behavior is due to marijuana use or is she trying to keep a mental condition quiet? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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