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A 100-year-old message in a bottle was discovered by a fisherman in March. According to a report by USA Today April 9, the script is actually 101-years-old. The International Maritime Museum, Agence France-Pressereports in Germany has the letter that was found inside the old bottle that traveled the seas for a very long time.

Holger von Neuhoff of the museum said that the 100-year-old message was found in the Baltic Sea near Kiel, Germany. A postcard dated May 17, 1913 was inside the bottle, but the writing was hard to read. What's known about the message so far is that the author was Richard Platz -- the 20-year-old son of a baker at the time he wrote on the postcard.

Platz died it 1946, but a genealogist tracked down his 62-year-old granddaughter by the name of Angela Erdmann in Berlin. She was able to hold the message at the museum and called it a "moving" experience.

It must have been a surreal experience for Angela Erdmann to hold a part of history in her hands that originated from her very own grandfather. NPR reported that she was inspired to learn more about him by looking through old scrapbooks to learn more about him. He was a social Democrat who had a penchant for reading.

When you think about how rough the seas are and the destruction it's capable of, it's impressive that the 100-year-old message survived the harsh elements. This could very well be the oldest message in the sea ever discovered.

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