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Have you ever run into Target on your lunch break to pick up one quick thing? Then you make a mistake and quickly breeze through the clearance section just to see what they have. One thing catches your eye, then another, and before you know it you have an armful of stuff and your lunch break is just about over (and you didn’t get what you originally went in for). You also didn’t budget in a new wardrobe so most of what you picked up needs to go back. What can you get quickly and inexpensively? Let’s see what one of these trips can yield.

Briskly combing through the racks you can find a long sleeve green and blue printed baby doll style dress for .48. Another cute outfit you can throw together is a lace print long and lean tank in red and white for .65 and a black coated ponte pencil skirt for .04. While making your way to the check out you just happen to detour through the shoe section and are able to grab a pair of black patent leather flip flops for .48 without even breaking stride. These would pair easily with the skirt and tank and several other things already in your closet.

So on a power shopping trip through Target’s clearance section you can quickly grab an outfit including shoes and an amazing dress for around .00. You can also save 5% if you use your Target credit or debit card. Another way to get a discount, and though it may not be much, is to bring your own reusable bags. They give you $ .05 back for each one you use (check with your local store, some have a different policy). It just shows what great deals you can get even without a lot of time or preparation.

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