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The 21st of March, when the spring equinox takes place, marks the beginning of the new zodiacal year. Therefore, Aries, the first Sun sign, stands for discovery and new beginnings. People born under this sign are pioneers both in thought and action, and they are open-minded individuals, always ready to assimilate new ideas. Also, Aries people are lovers of freedom, curious, and energetic.

They never say no to a challenge and aren’t distracted from their goals unless it is by their own impatience, often caused by the lack of quick results. Aries individuals are brave leaders who genuinely wish the best for those they lead.

The traditional stone for those born under the Aries sign is the bloodstone. This gem is green chalcedony which has inclusions of iron oxide and jasper. This beautiful chalcedony quartz is commonly known as heliotrope due to the ancient description of polished stones as being able to reflect sunlight. Bloodstones aren’t expensive, and given that they are pretty hard (as material), they take a good polish. This stone is perfect for a ring or a pendant.

There are legends about most gems and stones. One such legend tells us that bloodstones had the power to cause lightning, thunder, and rain. It is traditionally believed that the heliotrope bestows upon those who wear it respect and consideration, while guarding him or her from deception. Nowadays, the bloodstone is used to amplify the Universal Life Force in order to give to its wearer wealth, power, courage, strength, and victory in new enterprises.

If you are an Aries, carry a bloodstone with you at all times so that you may attract the respect of others, while also being protected from deception and other negative feelings and experiences. Bloodstones set in rings or pendants make for beautiful gifts for your Aries friends and relatives.

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