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As President Barack Obama and the White House have touted great success with Obamacare – the Affordable Care Act - due to the number of persons being uninsured in the United States dropping to 15.6 percent, Gallup and RAND have basically demolished the White House’s track on which Obama has been running victory laps, according to Yahoo! News on Wednesday.

Both Gallup and RAND are saying that the decrease in the number of uninsured Americans in recent times has not been because of the Obamacare health care exchange enrollments. Instead, the increase in the number of uninsured Americans is for two other reasons. First and foremost, unemployed Americans are signing up for Medicaid – the government program which gives unemployed or financial-flailing Americans health care coverage. Secondly, more and more persons are getting health care insurance from their employers.

Obamacare: The Number of Sign-Ups Doesn’t Make Obamacare a Success

Obamacare's Cost to Consumers Skyrockets 12 percent in April 2014 as Obama takes confusing Victory Laps

Some 8.2 million more people have acquired employer-based health insurance coverage when last September is compared to April 2014 – says RAND. Some 5.9 million more people have been enrolled in Medicaid while only 3.9 million have signed up via Obamacare’s exchanges.

Of course, the 3.9 million enrollees via the exchanges are much, much less than the government reported, according to the RAND survey data – which covered data on enrollments through the end of last month. Also of note, most of the people who enrolled before the soft deadline of March 31 were previously insured at some point in time. They are not new enrollees. They lost coverage in 2013 and regained it in 2014. Only 1.4 million people of the 3.9 million people who got insurance under the exchanges were uninsured last year. Looking at all the numbers that RAND came up with on the topic, of the 7 million persons the government boasts about having enrolled by March 31, just 2.5 million persons previously were uninsured.

The reason for a surge in employer-based insurance programs is likely due to more jobs being obtained by Americans – added since last September. While only about 1 million persons got jobs due to new employment situations since last September, the rest – who previously turned down insurance coverage – reportedly got insurance to avoid the penalty tax which will be coming soon. The reason so many would likely have procrastinated about getting employee-based insurance coverage is due to the cost the employer may turn on the employee.

It is too early to tell how many people will actually pay their insurance premiums to support Obamacare. There have been numerous reports stating that have as much as 20 percent of those who signed up for Obamacare by the end of 2013 did not pay their health care insurance bills – some three months after their first bill was scheduled to be paid.

Data discrediting the Obama administration’s alleged victory regarding Obamacare is coming out at a regular pace as President Obama tries to state more and more success with his health care program. Pundits across the nation believe the misrepresentation of the data and facts regarding Obamacare are for political snowballing of the public – as the Democrats who supported Obamacare over the past three years, since it became law, are facing Republicans in November who are using Obamacare’s non-popularity against them in their campaign strategies across the nation.

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