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In roughly 24 hours from now, thousands upon thousands of gamers will be descending upon the city of Boston for PAX East 2014. This will mark the fourth year that the gaming convention has been hosted on the East Coast. Just like their many fans, large gaming companies are also making the long trek to show off their latest and upcoming projects.

While it may not be written on their foreheads, these companies know how important their audiences are. Events like PAX East make excellent hubs, and are great for allowing game companies to meet the communities that helps keep them afloat.

Some people think that once the exhibition halls close, that's it for the night. However, it's only the beginning. While the lights may go out at the BCEC, many more are being turned on in preparation for the community after parties. These sponsored events are a great chance for those who make the games to spend additional times and meet those who play their games. One of these events will be held at the Royale Boston Nightclub hosted by Bethesda Softworks.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bethesda's work, they've worked on games such as "Fallout 3," "Dishonored," and the recently released "The Elder Scrolls Online."

Last year, Bethesda hosted a party themed after "The Elder Scrolls Online." There were hundreds in attendance and the line to get into the event went around the building. Even in the bitter cold, it was worth the wait and many stuck it out. This year, they're hoping to one-up themselves.

Boston Games Examiner was lucky enough to touch base with Bethesda Softwork's VP of PR and Marketing, Pete Hines regarding this year's PAX East after party.

According to Hines, the party will be themed after their latest project, "Wolfenstein: The New Order." "The game is set in an alternate 1960s where the Nazis won the war and rule the world, so we came up with a record label – Neumond Recordings – and recorded covers and original songs from the 60s era."

Like years before, Bethesda teamed up again with iam8bit Productions to put on this year's party. "We have our German versions of 'Beach Boys' music, The Monkees, Sonny and Cher, and so on. It seemed only natural to team up with iam8bit to produce a cool PAX East community event where folks can come play the game and listen to music as part of a record label party."

At last year's event, those who attended were given a pouch full of coins. These coins were then used to either purchase food and drinks as well as to gamble in the many parlor games made available to the public. The entire party was made to feel like you were at an "inn" within the game. There was so much going on. So, how much work and preparation goes into planning an event like this?

It takes a lot of time and effort to plan something like this properly. It’d be a lot easier to just throw a bunch of chairs and tables somewhere and setup machines for people to play the game. But at Bethesda we feel like fans appreciate the extra length we go to with events like this, to make them feel like part of the game experience... We think that attention to detail translates into greater enthusiasm for the games we’re making."

It should also be noted that the music won't just be a jukebox hooked up to some speakers. There will be a live band; a live German band. "... it’s a lot of work to find a cool, German band that can cover 60s songs..."

Some of those who attend will also be receiving a special gift in the form of specially pressed 45s containing the music played from the event. Bethesda has even "created a special, custom adaptor that most record players need to play a 45."

If all goes according to plan, this should be one of the best parties to show up for. When asked how they planned to make PAX East 2015 even bigger, Hines replied, "Let us survive this year before we worry about next year. Every year we’re pretty sure we can’t top the event we just did, but we always manage to come back with some creative ideas to make the next one even more fun and unique."

The "Neumond Recordings' Pop Muzik Showcase1960" will take place at the Royale Boston from 6 to 10 PM, Saturday, April 12. Admission is based on a first-come, first served basis, and you must be 18 years (or older) to enter. Also, they are recommending that attendees show up in 1960s attire, but it is not required. For more information, click here.

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