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D. T. Fleming Beach Park on the west side of Maui is one of the island's top beaches. Several years ago, it was voted one of America's best beaches, and its popularity has remained high for both locals and tourists.

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  • Situated just past the Kapalua resort area and the Ritz Carlton hotel complex, D. T. Fleming beach is an excellent beach for tourists staying on the west side of Maui. It has a lifeguard station, a large and clean restroom facility, and plenty of picnic tables with grills.

    D.T. Fleming Beach is not a good snorkel location on Maui, but is ideal for boogie boarding and surfing. The water is often rough in the afternoon hours, but in the morning the water is ideal for swimming. It's a good beach for older children (above 8yrs old) but not particularly suited for young children.

    The beach park offers spectacular sunsets, great views of Lana'i and Moloka'i, and is one of Maui's most popular places for small weddings. There's a large parking lot, with handicap parking also available with a permit.

    Looking to spend a day or half-day at a beach on the west side of Maui? Want to grill-out some hamburgers and hot dogs with excellent restroom facilities and picnic tables? Head over to D.T. Fleming Beach Park and have a full day of fun and ocean activities.

    D. T. Fleming Beach Park

    Kapalua, Hawaii 96761

    Location: Take Hwy. 30 north past the town of Lahaina, past the Kaanapali Resort Area, and then pass the Kapalua area. You'll see a sign for D. T Fleming Beach Park on your left, about a mile or so past the sign "Office Road - The Village Course."


    The best time of the day for beach activities is in the morning hours, when the ocean is much calmer on this section of Maui.Make sure to lock your vehicle and leave no visible items inside the vehicle.There is not concession stand at the beach park, nor is there a convenience store nearby. So take plenty of water, drinks, and food with you.If you're looking to surf or boogie board, you'll need to rent the equipment beforehand.Watch children closely, as the waves can be rough as the day progresses.

    Tripadvisor offers reviews of D. T. Fleming beach. See what others have to say. Yelp also offers some nice comments.

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