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Caring for your antique furniture will preserve its aesthetic value and help you enjoy it for much longer. Wood can sometimes suffer from use or external elements. So, it’s important to provide antique furniture with extra care and attention. Learn the basics of caring for your antique wooden furniture to make sure they are kept in the best condition.

Remove moisture

Moisture is one of wood’s worst enemies. Moisture affects its fibers, causes discoloration, and weakens its qualities. When cleaning antique wooden furniture, make sure to rid it of moisture by doing a complete wipe down with dry cloth or blotting paper. Make sure to draw away any excess moisture before and after the cleaning process.

Remove dirt

Furniture, whether you use it regularly or store it for many months, has the tendency to accumulate dirt. Removing dirt from antique wooden furniture can be tricky. Use a small vacuum without attachments or a small paint brush to clean hard to reach areas. Rugs or old cotton shirts are also effective in carefully cleaning your furniture.

For dirt that is hard to remove, dampen the spot with furniture oil overnight. Use an old sock or shirt to wipe it down in the morning.

Once the furniture is completely dry, apply wax to preserve its quality and give it a lasting shine. Antiques on Old Plank Road, a restorer of antique furniture in Chicago, suggests using Lord Sheraton’s Beeswax Furniture Spray.

Remove odors

Unwanted odors can sometimes be found in antique pieces made of wood. This can easily be avoided by implementing traditional methods. One of the most common methods, which can easily be found at home or at your local grocer, is by using coffee grounds and rice. Sprinkle this mixture into cabinets or drawers.

This needs to be left for a few days to a week and then cleaned off with a small vacuum cleaner. Orange oil or lemon oil is also a simple yet effective combination to eliminate odors. This process might need to be repeated a few times for the more stubborn odors.

Keep an eye out for potential repairs and refinishing

Wooden furniture can suffer the wear and tear of use. In your cleaning routine, examine your furniture for potential needs for repairs and refinishing. Some screws and bolts might require strengthening and replacement so it is important to address them right away. Make sure your furniture is repaired quickly to prevent any further damage occurring.

Cleaning your furniture regularly helps you preserve them for long-term use. It keeps the furniture functioning and looking new. Start the habit and establish a schedule today. Your favorite antique pieces will thank you for it.

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