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It is official. Kandi Burruss is truly a real house wife of Atlanta. After all the drama and mayhem, Kandi finally tied the knot with her producer boyfriend, Todd Tucker, and according to E! News, they married without a prenuptial agreement. Mama Joyce may have held her peace at the wedding, but she isn't keeping quiet about her antipathy toward her new son-in-law.

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  • Sources tell E! News just before the wedding mother and daughter got into a disagreement about Todd’s refusal to sign the prenup and believes the couple may have married without one. In a recent interview, Mama Joyce told TooFab Todd held out until hours before the wedding and can’t confirm if it was signed. “I got a little pissed at the bridegroom the night before this wedding. He kind of held up on signing the prenup…but from what I understand he did sign," she said.

    From the start, Kandi and Todd’s relationship has been fraught with drama, rumors and innuendos of her new husband’s true intentions toward the 37-year old beauty. Mama Joyce says she did everything she could to warn Kandi and assures her “the worst is yet to come”. Despite the warnings from friends, family and especially Mama Joyce, Kandi ignored their admonitions and chose to marry her handsome beau anyway.

    Comparing Todd and Kandi side by side, Mama Joyce may have a point. Todd has admitted to being unfaithful in his past relationships and has been accused of cheating with Kandi’s best friend, Carmen. He’s been labeled an “opportunist” who uses wealthy women to get ahead. He allegedly quit his job as a producer once he started dating Kandi and refused to sign the prenuptial agreement until the last minute.

    Kandi; however, is a successful singer, song writer and producer who is reportedly worth million while Todd is worth a respectable 0,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Kandi is a Grammy award winner for the single, “No Scrubs”, she wrote for TLC. She has a successful internet-based show that talks about sex and relationships; she has a successful exotic toy line and her accolades continue to grow.

    Mama Joyce may have a tell-all book in the works where she will get to tell her side of the story. Although she doesn't approve of Kandi’s marriage, she did say the wedding was beautiful and she hopes for her daughter’s infinite happiness.

    Did Kandi make a mistake?

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