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The American Hydrogen Association is holding it’s monthly meeting Thursday April 10 2014 at 6:00 PM in the Denny’s restaurant at 650 N Scottsdale Rd, Tempe, AZ. Find out more about the American Hydrogen Association’s monthly meetings/join the group at - http://www.meetup.com/alternativeenergy-35/events/172724312/ . The American Hydrogen Association is inviting everyone, member or not, that is interested in discussing sustainability, and ideas that can assist with moving us away from dependency on foreign energy and oil based fuels. The meeting is also a great environment to get ideas to get past roadblocks in projects that are on your drawing board or workbench. All people and ideas are welcome. The meeting’s main focus is the announcing the opening of their new Hydrogen House.

The American Hydrogen Association (AHA) has spent a good part of the past few years organizing the effort to bring the Hydrogen House project together. Now, at last, they are at the point in time that they are able to make things work. The house displays a wide assortment of Hydrogen applications. Fuel cells and engines are at the top of it’s long list of displays. Hydrogen fuel celled automobiles are coming of age. Numerous major manufactures are bringing hydrogen based propulsion vehicles to the transportation market’s mainstream and the AHA is showing how safe and effective hydrogen fuel is.

Electrolyzers is one idea that the American Hydrogen Association is proceeding with, in order to decrease our nation’s foreign and oil based propulsion energy requirements and to provide another source of non-propulsion intended alternative energy. The group has a plan on the table to attach large scale electrolyzers to the drains of the bathrooms at major event venues, such as; Chase Field and US Airways Center, in order to turn waste water back into fresh water and in the process generate hydrogen fuel. With hydrogen vehicles on the way it is important that entertainment centers provide enough hydrogen fuel in order to refuel the hydrogen vehicles of their customers that attend the events at the venues. The electrolyzers can provide major event venues with the ability to service their own in-house energy requirements too. Whether your thing is engines, fuel cells, electrolyzers, HHO, MAGLEVs, making movies, sustainable housing, Permaculture, Stirling engines, folding brochures, H2 cooking, turning trash into cash or just gathering information of sustainable energy sources, you'll find the people, knowledge, tools and materials to make your project happen at the American Hydrogen Association‘s new home; the Hydrogen House.

Everyone is invited to the casual AHA open house Saturday April 12 2014 at the new AHA Headquarters. Get the tour and find out what exciting new project are coming up. Actually the event is open from 10 am to 4 pm. Get there at 1:30 and get the free tour, snacks and drink though. Feel free to contribute to the snacks. The address of the American Hydrogen Association‘s Hydrogen House is 444 S. Morris , Mesa, AZ.

This month’s Phoenix Alternative Energy group meeting is at the Hydrogen House opening too. Visit - http://www.meetup.com/alternativeenergy35/events/173768002/?a=md2_evn&rv... to find out more about the group’s monthly meetings/join the group. Take W. Broadway Road and go one block east of Country Club Drive and take a right on S. Morris. The AHA’s Hydrogen House is the second building on the right side of the street about one block south of Broadway. The AHA sign is on the gate. Those wanting to conserve on gasoline can take the Valley Metro #45 bus to the stop at W. Broadway Road and S. Morris it is a stone's throw away from the American Hydrogen Association’s Hydrogen House.

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