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Jonathan Morin has further elaborated on the release date delay of the “Watch Dogs.” In an interview with Edge on April 7, the creative director the open-world action-adventure video game was not “completely broken.” Instead, the development teams realized that the software product contained too many minor issues to launch in time late last year. You can find the first of his responses below:

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  • I can’t say anything like, ‘It was completely broken.’ It’s not even necessarily that something tangibly wasn’t working. It’s more that when [we crammed] all the features together, we started reacting to all the issues. And there were too many issues.

    Because Ubisoft didn’t have enough time to fix all of the problems, they decided to go with “plan B.” However, their alternative method of production did not convey what the developers were intending, forcing a long delay as a result.

    Jonathan Morin also provided a list of issues that caused the postponement. The development teams had problems with artificial intelligence, player’s expressions and more. A lot of the elements needed to perform correctly in order for “emergent situations” to perform as intended in the sandbox title. You can view a set of “Watch Dogs” screens with the slideshow to the left of this article and the rest of the comments from the creative director below:

    It wasn’t a single full feature or anything like that, but it was stuff that affected being able to express yourself how we’d want, making sure the reactions of the AI were working… those sorts of things, so those aspects would never let down the fantasy. There are a lot of emergent situations going on, so even if [a problem] wasn’t happening a lot, it was happening.

    “Watch Dogs” is now expected to launch on May 27, more than six months after the original release date. The PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions will be coming out at the same time while the Nintendo Wii U port is set to be released at a later time.

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