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Today s Big Ten football news features two more skeptical looks at Michigan after its spring game and another piece analyzing the future of the NCAA s amateur athletics model. In a Chicago Tribune column today, the question is asked: is NCAA president Mark Emmert part of the problem or the solution?

Northwestern student-athletes bid to unionize is another significant step toward blowing up the way the NCAA conducts its business. The organization is facing another lawsuit that seeks compensation for the use of student-athletes likeness for profit, and Emmert could be subpoenaed about the organization s investigation into the North Carolina academics scandal.

It s a time in college athletics history that could yield major changes as cries for change and more rights for student-athletes become louder. Emmert has talked a big game about change but has accomplished little on that front. Outside pressures could change that, for better or worse.

In other Big Ten news, Michigan s running game still needs work and the Wolverines youth is no longer an excuse. Ohio State s defensive backs are getting aggressive as they seek to improve upon their performance from last season, and Nebraska s offensive coordinator sees hunger and toughness in his offensive line.

Those headlines and more highlight today s Big Ten football news roundup:

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