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An overview of this weekend's reveals three days of musical adventure in downtown Mobile: Get yourwristband, wander around, hear good stuff. But before we plunge in, let's takejust a minute to look at a few outlying opportunities.

On Friday, April 11, Mobile's presents its last show of the spring season inconjunction with SouthSounds. Singer-songwriter Eef Barzelay, whose creditsinclude work with the band Clem Snide, will perform at Satori Coffee, 5460 OldShell Road. Doors open at 7:30; music starts at 8 p.m., with no opening act.Admission is free for University of South Alabama students and for anyonewearing a SouthSounds wristband, and for others. For full information on theIMC, visit .

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If you've got a taste for solosinger-songwriter performances, Barzelay isn't the only game in town.SouthSounds will present a slew of them Friday at The Blind Mule, with a slatefeaturing Leland Clay, Kennon Barton of Party at the Moon Tower, Gregg Fells,Eric Erdman and Preston Lovinggood.

On Saturday, SouthSounds branchesout into new territory with a couple of panel discussions. The first starts atabout 5 p.m. at the Mobile Arts Council, 318 Dauphin St., and is designed to bean informal discussion about how bands can use traditional and social media topromote themselves. The panelists will include myself and among others.

Next up is a Southern MusicVideo panel starting about 6 p.m. at The Haberdasher, following a block ofmusic videos that starts at about 4:15. I'm excited about the fertileinteraction between Mobile's music community and its filmmaking community, andI'm looking forward to moderating this panel. Panelists will include Drew Hall,Joshua Shoemaker, Jeffrey Salter, Sith Nuon, Jeff Worley and Jerrid Jones. Theybring a pretty amazing range of expertise and experience to the table, so I'mexpecting to get some real insight into what's going on at the crossroads offilm and music in Mobile, and what the future holds.

If you're looking for theregular Saturday night 10 p.m.session at Alchemy Tavernacross Joachim Street from the Mobile Saenger Theatre, you won't find it.Instead you'll get several sets of music, concluding with The Deslondes at10:15 p.m. and The Chris Spies Organ Trio +2 at 11:15 p.m. (Spies's group wasoriginally billed as a +1, but he has since announced that the core lineup ofhimself (keys), Christopher Spies (sax) and John Milham (drums) will beaugmented by Seizo Shibayama of Japan (guitar) and Andy Williams of Cuba(percussion). Instead of "Comedy Whatever," Alchemy will feature a "Comedy atMidnight" session featuring Jake Head, Brian Emond, Samm Severin, AndrewMichael, Steven Street and Alfred Ward, hosted by GovNa.

Want even more comedy? "LazySunday Comedy," another SouthSounds showcase, starts at 6 p.m. Sunday, April13, at Alchemy. Featured performers include Jake Head, Andrew Michael, BrianEmond, Samm Severin, Carlton Britt, Travis Edwards, Seth Hartley and EricBalch, with host Ryan Jetten.

The full festival performanceschedule can be found at .General admission weekend passes are . VIP wristbands are per person or0 per pair; VIP perks include entry to all participating venues, access toafter-parties with artist meet-and-greet sessions, hospitality areas featuringfood and beverages, a festival T-shirt and trolley service between venues.Advance tickets can be ordered through the festival website. General admissionwristbands also are available at participating venues, at Mobile Records and atthe taproom.

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