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Gothenburg, Sweden, April 09th , 2014: World over users have now a better tool available in the form of updated Export Notes tool for importing mails from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Those who were reeling under the pressure of how to import Notes to Outlook 2010 now have a moment of rejoice. The best part is that the software is compliant with the latest version of the Outlook, which is at present is the most reliable and perfect platform for managing emails, said an official of the software entity.

What this updated Export Notes software has new and unique to offer can better be understood via video tool and the demo software presented by the company. The process of importing Notes to Outlook (http://lotusnotesarchivetooutlook.tumblr.com/ ) in quick easy steps has been very much explained in the video demonstration. This video product is the illustration of how the software actually processes email files from Lotus Notes to Outlook. This is the simplest way users can get a hang about the software real work, the official said.

He also brings to the notice about the trial pack of the Export Notes tool. The trial tool is the limited version of the software. Users can exploit this tool offer for a better perspective on how the tool imports the emails and save it. It has a limited validity. Even with the window of limitation, the demo is more than sufficient for users to test the tool s functioning and real work. Users can check the veracity of the application, the official asserted.

The authenticity of the software has also been established by the shareware site. The shareware site is an agency which rates software tools effectiveness and helps users in cherry picking the right tool. The rating on the software has increased the value of the tool and added much glory to it, another official said.

On the price part, the official added that company has set a low rate for the software to make it accessible by all. This has further scaled up the sale of the software. Be it importing the data or managing an archive of important emails, the software is the best option available.

About the Company: Among the peers, the software group has been ranked higher in terms of making users access easy and effective software applications in domains like email migration, email recovery and many others. To get know more info about our product you can visit here: http://www.export-notes.com/

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