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Mobile, Alabama (April 9, 2014) -- On the same day the Gulf Council publicized a proposal for an 11-day season for recreational red snapper fishing, Mobile attorney Jim Zeigler launched a campaign in opposition.With the proposal likely set for a Thursday, April 10 vote, Zeigler is asking people to immediately send an e-mail to the Gulf Council opposing the 11-day season. I quickly researched how to fight this 11-day season. We must all quickly send an e-mail. I drew up a guide for how each person can legally do that, Zeigler said.Here is a copy of his guide:

Zeigler Guide for Immediate E-mail Input to Gulf Council Opposing the 11-day Red Snapper Season Proposed. April 9, 2014

The Gulf Council will meet and likely vote on the proposed 11-day red snapper season for Alabama recreational fishing on Thursday, April 10. It is necessary for all of us who oppose this to send an e-mail to gulfcouncil@gulfcouncil.org. In the subject line write, Written Testimony opposing 11-day red snapper season in Alabama.

Please act quickly or forever hold your peace. Thank you.

Council Rule: Any oral or written statement shall include a brief description of the background and interests of the person testifying and the source and date of anyspecific information. Persons wishing to submit written testimony or information can do so by emailing it to gulfcouncil@gulfcouncil.org All writtencomments will be posted on the Council s website for viewing by Council members and the public. To help ensure that Council members havesufficient time to consider your written testimony, please submit your comments at least three business days prior to the start of the Council meeting.

Guide for Your E-mail StatementWritten Statement in Opposition to the 11-day Red Snapper Season for AlabamaI am asking the Gulf Council to not approve the proposed 11-day red snapper season for Alabama recreational fishing. Since the 11-day season proposal has just been publicized and I just found out about it, please waive the suggested three days before the start of the Council meeting for submission of this written comment. Brief description of my Background and Interest in this Matter(write yours here)

Source and Date of Specific Information

(If you include any specific facts or authorities, give the sources and dates here. If not, just omit this section)I am asking the Council to not approve the proposed 11-day season for red snapper for recreational anglers in Alabama. This short of a season will be devastating for recreational fishermen and the hundreds whose livelihoods will be affected.(Reasons here)

Sign your nameYour addressYour phoneYour e-mail

(Feel free to put the following. If you do so, please actually copy me by e-mail. __Zeigler)CC: Attorney Jim Zeigler, Mobile, Alabama. ZeiglerElderCare@yahoo.com

Zeigler says the long-run solution to this problem is remove federal regulation of our fisheries. Put management back under Alabama control. Federal management of our fishery has been just awful, Zeigler added. They did not play fair in proposing this 11-day season. Their rules suggest sending any public comments three days in advance but only gave us two days of notice. That is simply a juvenile tactic, he said.Zeigler is now looking into procedures to appeal the 11-day season if it is approved by the Gulf Council.

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