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MONTGOMERY, Alabama --- Lawmakers are still awaiting word whether Gov. Robert Bentley will sign the state education budget.

Jennifer Ardis, communications director for the governor, said he would not announce a decision today.

Bentley has until the end of the day Sunday to approve the budget or it will die without his signature. That would require a special session of the Legislature.

Bentley wanted the budget, which would spend .9 billion from the Education Trust Fund in fiscal year 2015, to include a 2 percent pay raise for employees in K-12 schools and two-year colleges.

The Republican leadership in the Legislature and the governor agreed on providing a large increase in the state s contribution to the Public Education Employees Health Insurance Plan.

PEEHIP faces a projected shortfall of 0 million next year.

Bentley proposed increasing PEEHIP funding by million to help close that gap. The Legislature s budget boosts PEEHIP funding by about million.

The 2 percent pay raise would cost about million.

The Republican leadership in the Legislature says there s not enough money to cover both the increased PEEHIP funding and the pay raise. They say educators have told them that the PEEHIP funding is a higher priority.

Bentley has said there is enough money to pay for both.

Bentley s proposed budget would spend about million more than the one passed by the Legislature.

Sen. Trip Pittman, R-Montrose, chairman of the Senate s education budget committee, said today he is still hopeful the governor will sign the budget.

That s his decision, but I feel like that would be the best thing, Pittman said. It s as good a budget as we can do.

Lawmakers said they got a commitment from PEEHIP that the Legislature's version of the budget provides enough money to prevent increases in out-of-pocket insurance costs for education employees.

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