michael kors bags outlet online I regret that the generation of Americans coming of age now will never know what it was like to have private lives.A.J. McCarron and Katherine Webb, ready for reality TV.

It s tempting to say I was appalled by the news that former Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron and his lovely fianc e, Katherine Webb, are going to star in a reality TV show.

Sounding like the 60-year-old woman I am, I could assert that young people s heads are too easily turned by thoughts of instant fame and easy money. I could bemoan 21st century television s lack of substance, and snigger that the show will probably be picked up by A E, which used to stand for arts and entertainment but now is the proud home of Duck Dynasty, or The History Channel, whose flagship shows include Swamp People.

I also could go for broke and slam McCarron and his bride-to-be personally -- as their detractors are already doing on Facebook, Twitter and assorted other social media platforms. (You don t get to be a famous football player or a destined-for-fame model without attracting a cadre of critics who ll come out of the woodwork for any opportunity to attack you.)

Let s face it. The slam would make for a quick-and-easy column that would resonate with many cranky middle-aged readers.

But come on. As the Bible says or might say, if the author of Ecclesiastes were writing today there is a time to be cranky and a time to be mellow. This, I believe, is the latter.

If the things that happen in life can be categorized as Stuff That Matters and Stuff That Doesn t Matter, ginning up a reality TV show definitely goes into the Stuff That Doesn t Matter bin. You may think it s a little tacky that a couple would invite millions of viewers into their engagement, marriage and the birth of his NFL career, but be assured that plenty of people are already relishing this invitation and will be parked in front of their TVs when the series airs.

So what? It won t hurt anybody to watch the certifiably charming young couple on television; and if there are any negative impacts on McCarron and Webb, whether on their personal lives or their professional careers, those impacts will be borne by them alone.

You also may think it s a little crass that they would auction off a chunk of their lives in exchange for money and fame. Crass is in the eye of the beholder, however. For people pursuing careers that will last only as long as their youth and good looks hold out, perhaps it is sensible to capitalize on those physical traits now.

When I winced as I read the news about their reality show, it was not because I know them or their families; I don t. It wasn t because I m some kind of purist who thinks all reality TV is garbage; I enjoy a few reality shows, though I ve drawn the line at Honey Boo-Boo and her ilk.

It was because I regret that the generation of Americans coming of age now will never know what it was like to have private lives lives that were not linked to a vast network of laptops, pads and cell phones encouraging them to make public their most private thoughts and deeds.

McCarron was born in 1990; his fianc e, in 1989. When they were children, home computers were already commonplace. They and their friends were teenagers when they got their first cell phones, and Facebook and Twitter blossomed as they approached adulthood. They text as fast as they think, seek soul mates on the Internet and can Skype with just about anyone, just about anywhere, 24/7.

Too many of them, I fear, are oblivious to the fact that some if not all of their communications leave permanent trails for investigators, identity thieves, stalkers and snoops and, frankly, I would categorize their oblivion as Stuff That Matters.

But as for A.J. s and Katherine s adventure in reality television, let s stash it in Stuff That Doesn t Matter and move onto the next not-a-big-deal news flash, shall we?

Frances Coleman is a freelance writer living in Baldwin County. Email her at and like her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/prfrances.

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