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In nine years of nonstop touring, Nashville duo LoCash Cowboys has never played Country Thunder in Florence.

That changes this weekend. Chris Lucas and Preston Brust have the first slot on Saturday, opening the lineup that includes Charlie Worsham, Mark Chesnutt, Craig Morgan and headliner Miranda Lambert.

“A lot of people refer to us as the hardest working boys in country music because we tour relentlessly all year-round,” Brust said during a phone call from Tennessee.

The name may not ring a lot of bells — LoCash Cowboys has only charted a few singles, and just one, 2010’s “Keep In Mind,” broke into the Top 30. The pair are on fellow Country Thunder artist Colt Ford’s Average Joes Entertainment Group label.

Four things to know:

They rock hard: “What’s hot right now, the whole Florida George Line, Cole Swindell. ... If you love that kind of stuff, you are going to love some LoCash.”

About their name: “Back in my hometown (Kokomo, Ind.), me and my high school buddies, we had this thing called LoCash Money Boys. … Chris said ‘Man, we should be the country boys of LoCash. So we became the LoCash Cowboys. We brought it back to Nashville and introduced it to our managers and they said, ‘That will never work.’ We were like, ‘Man, that’s the one’. If it will never work, that’s the one.”

Star struck: “ One time we opened up for Mötley Crüe and I saw Tommy Lee hanging out backstage watching our show and he gave me the thumbs up. I’m like, ‘OK now I’m loving life. This is awesome’.”

What to expect: “The unexpected. ... We just go out and start the show with one or two songs and from there we just call it with hand signals. We’re just ready to rock and we see where the audience wants to go.” Songs that sound familiar, but they wrote them: “It’s just crazy to be able to say we’ve written these songs (‘You Gonna Fly’ from Keith Urban, ‘Truck Yeah’ from Tim McGraw) and to sing them and watch people sing the words. It’s wild.” You Gonna Fly Keith Urban, ‘Truck Yeah’ ftim McGraw

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