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wholesale michael kors "Face of MLB" rigged? That's what many fans are claiming on Twitter. Deadspin even posted an article about how the voting for the "Face of MLB" could have been rigged. According to a report from Friday (Feb. 28), the site is stating that there were "voting irregularities" during a process where MLB Network was trying to name a winner. Each franchise had one player placed into a bracket-style competition and fans voted through Twitter every day during the offseason to advance their favorite players. It has been suggested that the network selected who it wanted to win this thing. Top Prospect Shut Down With Arm Trouble New York Mets third baseman David Wright was just declared the winner on Friday, narrowly beating out infielder Eric Sogard of the Oakland Athletics. It seemed like a mismatch on paper, but Sogard had received a lot of internet support in recent weeks that helped him to beat quite a few other players in the brackets. That included receiving more votes than Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista in the semifinals of his side. Wright defeated Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Felix Hernandez to get to the finals from his side. Where the "Face of MLB" rumors about being rigged come up is when the final voting tallies were examined. It was reported that with about two hours left in the contract, that Eric Sogard had a 55 to 45 percent lead over David Wright. Slightly more than an hour later, it had dipped to a 52-48 lead for Sogard and 31 minutes after that it was reportedly tied. Wright ended up winning it all, leaving many voters for Sogard frustrated with the process. Due to the East Coast being awake as the poll was reaching its conclusion (at 8 a.m. ET), it seems that there was always an advantage for teams from that side of the country. It is surmised that this is how Wright caught up to Felix Hernandez in the final hours of that match-up as well, but it doesn't necessarily mean that there is a conspiracy going on here. The times are set up like that so that "Hot Stove" (a show on MLB Network) could report the numbers the following morning. When it comes to a conspiracy theory on the internet, though, there are going to continue to be people that want to believe that the "Face of MLB" voting was rigged, no matter what facts are shown. In the end this was just a popularity contest and it is very clear that David Wright is one of the most popular players in the game. More Baseball News: Did A Texas-Toronto Trade Get Vetoed? Fantasy Baseball Secret Weapon Yankees Complete Trade With Giants Seven Player Trade Goes Down Brett Gardner Trade?