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michael kors wallets on sale Reading, writing and arithmetic have now been replaced with recycle, reduce and reuse. Yes, these are the new three R's that are front and center in our educational system. In elementary schools across the country, our children are being brainwashed by unproven science and political propaganda. Take a moment to look at your child's assignments. Science textbooks dedicate chapters to recycling and the evils of oil. Stories used in reading classes often have themes based on some perfectly portrayed child trying to change the evil ways of a classmate who gets driven to school in a SUV. Ever take a look at a math word problem? If not, it goes something like this. John properly disposed of three cans of organic fruit juice, made in a factory powered by wind, in the recycling bin at school. The next day, John, who was possessed by the devil while he slept, threw four environmentally, unfriendly, plastic water bottles in the REGULAR trash can. After the students determine the proper punishment for Satan's spawn, they are asked how many drinks did John consume in the two days. These subtle and not so subtle ways that the liberal left is attacking our education system is quite disturbing. Given the recent data about math and science scores in the United States, their time would be better served getting back to the the real three R's. We do not need countless hours of social engineering and an assault on energy. Volcano's, earthquakes and tidal waves have existed since the beginning of time. When dinosaurs were a mode of transportation, these climate issues existed and the earth survived just fine. The arrogance involved in teaching our kids that we have some real control over climate is just silly. We can teach our children to be responsible, respect nature by not littering and, of course, not waste. But we are creating a generation who believes that if you don't bring your bacteria infected, cloth bag to the grocery store and walk out with plastic, that a firing squad should await you. We are teaching them that if you pack those groceries in the back of a safe, SUV and not an electric car that looks like a tissue box with wheels, you are somehow uneducated. The left is making sure that if we all somehow just put our three kids on the back of our bikes and drink water only from fountains, the planet will thank us by no more catastrophic weather events. If we are honest, the modern conveniences that oil and traditional energy have bestowed upon us have increased our standard of living and improved our lives. Our air is cleaner, not dirtier than decades ago.Life expectancy has increased, not decreased. Technology, driven by energy, have made vehicles safer. Oil has brought us the convenience of modern appliances, cell phones and flat screen TV's. The only thing our children ever learn about oil is that it sometimes leaks into the ocean when there is a spill. When this occurs, it is the headline story for weeks. We are lectured about the sins of oil. We then have elementary school children showing up at beaches with paper towels and soap to clean off the whales covered in oil. Really? Does anyone mention that that oil soaked whales would eat them alive in a minute given the chance. If we want to teach them about nature and science, give them then real scenario. Let's all take a stand and be active by letting our school districts know we do not appreciate the new three R's. We would prefer to get back to reading, writing and arithmetic. The earth will he just fine.