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michael kors studded handbag Lance Bass has sided with Lisa Vanderpump in her ongoing feud with the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. After watching Monday night’s episode of RHOBH, and Kyle’s interview on Watch What Happens Live directly after, the former N*SYNC star took to Twitter where he let his feelings be known. “Brandi lied about the bankruptcy and said Kim was a meth addict and Kyle is questioning Lisa’s integrity?!” he asked his fans and followers. Lance has a point. Brandi has been making all sorts of claims lately, so why is Kyle so convinced that this one is true? It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Sure, if Lisa had given Kyle reason to think she would stab her in the back, maybe the shoe would fit, but at this point, the drama seems to be the doing of Brandi — perhaps because of her jealousy. In recent years, Brandi had been close with Lisa, but once Lisa and Kyle started rekindling their friendship, things between Lisa and Brandi grew distant. Just a couple of episodes after Brandi began seeing Lisa and Kyle's relationship getting back to where it once was, she pulled Kyle aside, claiming that Lisa had been manipulating the cast for years. The timing certainly seems to hint that jealousy is the issue here. After all, what would Lisa have to gain by confronting Kyle about Mauricio's alleged cheating?