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michael kors sale bags Jax Taylor is looking back on his regrets from season two of Vanderpump Rules and oddly, his “Stassi” tattoo wasn’t one of them. Although the ink may not have been the best idea, Jax hasn’t yet removed it, and doesn’t appear to be in any rush. “I knew if it went south [with Stassi] I could cover it up.. I’m assuming one of these days air’s going to have to go,” Jax said in a Feb. 25 interview with OK! Magazine. And while most would regret having their ex-girlfriend’s name permanently on them, a tattoo was minor in comparison to the drama that went down during the show’s second season. So, what was Jax’s biggest regret? “Obviously my regret is what I did with Kristen, that’s the big one,” he admitted. “I ruined a relationship…I ruined my personal life.” In sleeping with Kristen, Jax not only lost Stassi forever, he also lost his best friend at the time, Tom Sandoval. It was truly a destructive incident and changed both his and Kristen’s life forever. Luckily, he has since recovered and is looking forward to Vanderpump Rules’ third season, on which he will reportedly star alongside his new girlfriend, Carmen Dickman, who has been spotted with the cast on several occasions in the last couple weeks. As for Stassi, she has moved to the east coast, but Jax wouldn’t be surprise to see her return for the third season. He says, “In my opinion, she will be back."