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michael kors quilted bag Michael Sams, a defensive lineman from the University of Missouri football team, is expected to be the first openly gay NFL player drafted. Since he was dominant at the collegiate level, it would be shocking if he wasn't on a team next year in the NFL. Well, some people just aren't having that, and one of them is a guy named Jack Burkman. Who he is is a Republican party lobbyist who has drafted a bill to ban gay players in the NFL. Yes, you heard that right, it would ban gay players in the NFL. There are so many things wrong with that statement. First of all, lobbyists can't directly draft or introduce a bill in Congress or a state legislature, but they write them all the time and get their legislator buddies to introduce them. Now, are there members of Congress who despise gay people enough to introduce this awful bill? Maybe, just maybe Michelle Bachmann, but I am not sure even with her. Maybe Rick Santorum would have if he was still in the Senate. The NFL is a private group, for Congress to seek out and ban a particular sexual orientation is quite a violation of the GOP's principle of smaller government, I would expect. Smaller government of course not applying to social issues. Now, there is some precedent for such an action, the Hollywood blacklists of the 1950s where Hollywood writers, actors etc were brought up before Congress and interrogated about their supposed communist links. Hollywood, or the movie industry, being of course a private industry protected by the First Amendment. This bill has no chance in getting passed, but it still shows the level of hate that many gays experience. Lastly, groups such as Lambda Legal and the Human Rights Watch can use your support in fighting these, at this point, just nutty acts of those on the anti-gay side who are just completely desperate at this point.