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michael kors outlet stores Pakistan is embarking on a new course in its strategy for negotiating peace with Taliban; the same militants who are involved in killing of 80,000 people, including several law enforcement personnel. According to the Dawn News, Pakistan’s Interior Minister has acknowledged a shift in government’s policy. It will now go after militant groups involved in acts of violence in their sanctuaries. But he also says that the option of dialogue is still open for those who accept the writ of the state and renounce violence.Addressing a press conference he said: "The government still believes in talks and will negotiate only with those groups who accept the state’s writ and renounce violence."He said that after the recent surge in violence the government decided to target the place from where the act of terrorism originated. Regardless of the place where an act of violence takes place the government will hit militants’ headquarters."The government is resolved to restore peace and we will do it soon," he said.When asked about recent air strikes in Waziristan and Khyber Agency, he said security forces had to act and precision attacks would continue till other side stops violence.Adding that terrorism and dialogue could not go side by side, he stated that the backdoor channel with the Taliban was still intact but there was little progress. He said the government should act against elements who did not accept the Constitution."We are in contact with groups that have never attacked Pakistan’s interests, we have dialogue for them." He gave no details of which groups he meant."We will talk to those groups who are not against Pakistan."His comments could revive fears that Pakistan is maintaining a policy of distinguishing between "good" militants who can be used to further strategic goals abroad, and "bad" militants who attack domestic targets.The minister said every act of violence would in future be met with an attack on the militants’ bases.Following are some observations:Taliban have continued to attack civilians and military personnel during the period of negotiations with the government.Videos of the terrorists desecrating severed heads of 23 Pakistani soldiers have been viewed on the Internet recently.Taliban have also killed a senior military officer in the north western region of the country.Terrorists, in keeping with their tradition have shown utter disregard for the government’s unilateral ceasefire during negotiations.Pakistan should not display any act of mercy for terrorists who are not inclined to reach a peace deal. Peace and security cannot be achieved through a one-sided show of morality. Taliban have rejected the call of reason and carried on with their evil ways, testing the patience of a nation, to its very last limit. Pakistan’s Army Chief has already pledged to fight terrorism by all means available. Time is running out for Taliban to lay down their arms or prepare for final elimination Sources:Dawn News February 28, 2014BBC News February 25, 26, 27, 2014