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michael kors online Why are there so many styles of forms from a martial art? Simple answer but yet complex to solve. Other styles of the same art form or similar martial art, do take roots from each other, not really to say which form is better, but to simplify the style and to create different patterns. Basically it's a system that teaches an individual how to handle a situation in a fight that can be used in different angles and steps. Forms can help a person to stay in shape when practiced so many times to not only perfect the body, but also shape the mind and the heart. It is a physical journey to understand the movements within the body and the mind to perfect a demonstration in the form. Kenpo Forms Larry Tatum 7th Degree Black Belt Boxing Set and Stalking Panther Form Each style of martial art has a history and a story, how they got their forms that came from an origin from another style or shaped in different ways of the same move, to a different interpretation of that form. Though there are different systems that teach the same style and have different set of forms, but does not mean they are right or wrong, only a different variation to interpret the means of a fight in a self defense situation. Martial is a separate word for defense and fighting, while the Art is an expression to demonstration of the style of that form. Tang Soo Do Forms Tournament Black Belt Forms Competition Master Examination Demonstration Forms What is the best style to learn a form? That is to be self discovered and understand the style that interprets the meaning of that situation of self defense. Will you ever really fight that way in a real fight if you practice the form? Probably 98.9 percent to the time you wont. But the form will help you understand to perfect your style in those moves, to prepare you to at least you one or two of the techniques to become an efficient martial artist. Shotokan and KyoKushin: Karate Forms Shotokan Form: Kata Bassai Kiyokushin Form: Pinan 1 to 5 All it takes is one real strike or kick to knock someone out after all of that training you have put into that form. If you understand how it works, and mastered the concepts, eventually it can be used what you have learned from that form. It is all about understanding your situation to use the movement you have learned in that form. Kung Fu/Chinese Forms: Wu Shu Tournament Forms Competition Shaolin Forms Demonstration Martial Arts takes a lifetime to master and learn. It all can't be learned in just a few years. But its a start to learn and understand the purpose behind the martial art in your understanding of that style. It's how you wish to understand your body to become a weapon of self defense. Tae Kwon Do Forms: Old Style Korean Forms: Palgwe 1 to 8 Other videos of Palgwe 1 to 8 from different angles International Tae Kwon Do Federation Forms: 12 ITF TKD Forms 24 ITF TKD Forms World Tae Kwon Do Federation Forms: Taeguks 1 to 8 Other videos for Black Belt Forms in WTF TKD Regardless of what style you learn a form from that martial art, you will grasp an understanding how to defend yourself, and to shape your body to become a weapon. Its about health, to strengthen the mind, and to shape the individual's progression. Learning how to become a better person through the martial arts.