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michael kors mens wallets With the finale over and season 4 of Mob Wives: New Blood behind us, Sherri Shepherd hosted the reunion interview with the silicone bombshells, Thursday, for an explosive sit down to recap the show's drama. In the sizzling round table discussion, Sherri hashed it out with these gangster affiliated chicks to clear the air once and for all. She immediately jumps in "red bottoms" first and addresses the issue with the word "delicious", but apparently Renee was done with it. News flash Renee, so was everyone else. Needless to say, there is a lot of unfinished business between these ladies. For instance, what's happening with Renee's relapse and will she work out her differences with Natalie? Is Big Ang seriously trying to get pregnant? Lastly, will Alicia remain a cast mate or become a cell mate? Mob Wives: New Blood season 4's reunion was far more exciting than the actual 11 episodes aired this season. The docu-soap series welcomes two new comers, Alicia DiMichele Garofalo, the wife of alleged gangster, Edward "The Tall Guy" Garofalo and the Philly beauty, Natalie Guercio. This season failed to bring fresh, new and exciting content. It was more of the same. For starters, it was the usual tension between these ladies that always seem to hover over them like the weather. Not to mention, the predictable stormy fights about the past that keep finding its way into the story line. Even with the new additions and Big Ang's return, it still lacked some of its Je Ne Sais Quoi. Instead, the boring story line crawled along for 8 unneeded episodes about the word "delicious". More surprisingly, Big Ang seemed toned down from her usual party-girl personality, which is just what this season needed. Out of no where, rumors of Renee's drug relapse surfaced and Alicia's pending jail sentences looming over her head appeared to breathe life into the dying series. Unfortunately, the show lacked balance and would have fared much better had it illuminated the progression of these ladies from mob devils to mob divas. Despite this season’s snooze-fest, the ratings are up and the show has been picked up for its 5th season with the New Blood cast returning. According to VH1, season 5 promises to deliver the goods. For more information on Mob Wives season 5 visit: www.vh1.com/shows/mob_wives