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michael kors handbag outlet How different the list of winners at the Oscars could be with some new categories (clockwise from top left: Cast of Machete Kills, Open Road Films; Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club, Focus Features; Great make-up in The Elephant Man. Paramount Pictures, 1980; Emma Watson, The Bling Ring, American Zoetrope.BIRMINGHAM,Alabama Movie fans love to argue about which film or actor or director shouldwin the Academy Award in a particular category. However,there is also plenty of spirited discussion by fans and critics regarding wholenew categories that should be added to the Oscars. Thefollowing is a list of some of the most popular suggestions for those new awards plus a couple of wild cards we thought of. The BigPicture BestComedy Practitionersof the art of film comedy have kvetched for years that Oscar gives comediesshort shrift in their rush to give the best picture award to more "serious" movies. And the GoldenGlobes have given an award for best musical or comedy for a long time. BestAction/Science Fiction/Fantasy Film Why nota category to honor the types of films that are often the most popular? said there is a "huge disconnect between themovies that people are actually going to see and the movies that get BestPicture nominations" and that adding a category for Best Action Film mightbring more viewers to the Oscars telecast. And who knows, perhaps director Robert Rodriguez could have at least dreamed of being nominated for his grindhouse flick And this award would give the Academy a way to honorcasting directors, who are critical to the film-making process. BestBreakout Performance He said the award could be given to "the year's top young performeror a character actor who turned heads in a big way like never before." And itwouldn't hurt Oscar to mimic the MTV Movie Awards, which has offered this awardfor years. Candidates this year might include Emma Watson () and Michael B. Jordan ( Best Voiceover Voice work is an art unto itself and probably deserves an Oscar. And voice workfor television has been recognized in the Emmy Awards since 1992. Ellis saidthe category would be a "toss-up" this year between Scarlett Johansson for and Idina Menzel for Marcus James Dixon of said thatBenedict Cumberbatch would have to be nominated for his brilliant voice-overand motion capture work in creating Smaug the Dragon for " Best orMost Extreme Physical Transformation by an Actor OK, thisone will never happen, but wouldn't it be fun to see? Nominees in this categoryin 2014 would surely have to include Matthew McConaughey, who lost 47 pounds toplay an AIDs patient in the Oscar-nominated film Academy recognizes the composers of original scores but not the artists who addother sounds and previously recorded music to film soundtracks. Best TitleDesign "Sometimesthe opening credits are the best part of a movie,' said Ellis, who said thatthe category was proposed officially in 1999. And think about it. is a great film, but the openingcredit sequence by Saul Bass is a masterpiece in and of itself. Thiscategory has been suggested by many critics and fans. The Screen Actors Guild already recognizes stunt work. Bestone-sheet OK, sothis probably won't happen either, but why shouldn't the Oscars give an awardfor the best one-sheet or poster for a film? Thingsdo change TheAcademy does occasionally add a new category or alter an existing one. Theycreated the new category of Best Animated Film in 2001 (the first winner was) A BestMakeup Oscar was introduced in 1981 as a response to critics who complained thatthe brilliant make-up for in 1980 had no chance towin an award, according to Dixon. In2012, the old Best Makeup category was replaced by "Best Makeup and Hairstyling."Of course, hair stylists believe that they need their own award. Forexample, the Academy offered an award for best juvenile performer off and onfrom 1934-1960. Andfrom 1934-1937, the Academy handed out an award for Best Assistant Director.Interestingly, some contemporary critics have argued that this award bereturned to the Oscars due to the hard work of those unheralded filmprofessionals. Moreideas Moviefans, use the comments section below to let us know what you think. Are thereany awards categories that should be added or any that should be dropped from the Oscars? Formore Alabama entertainment news, go to