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michael kors hamilton satchel Sometimes it is the small things in life that can restore faith in humanity. Far too often, the news media reports on the negative in life, from murders, to fires, to disasters. So imagine my surprise when a brief little glimmer of what humanity can hold was shown to me thanks to social media. Several years ago, when my wife and I first started using twitter, she set up an account for our cat. Yes, our cat. A grown person tweeting as though their pet was the one talking. A friend of ours had done the same thing with their dog and, while I thought it a bit well, weird, I clicked the follow link anyway…just to see the imaginary things our four-legged friend was “up to” during the day. While this may, in fact, sound weird, it has also led to several friendships, and even having our cats and dog receive Christmas presents from as far away as England. Several months ago, my wife was telling me about one of our cat’s “anipals” whose “hooman” had been diagnosed with lung cancer and as not expected to live very long. Her only wish was for someone to take care of her 4 year-old dog, Daffy. Several months before her passing, one of her Twitter friends had agreed to take Daffy in whenever the inevitable occurred. Less than a year later, she passed. This is where the faith-restoring comes in. The people that agreed to take Daffy in lived in Oregon whereas her original owner lived in Kansas. While they were willing to make the nearly 1600 mile journey to make sure they kept their promise, it wasn’t necessary. Three other members of the #anipals community stepped up and assisted with the journey. One attended the funeral and began the journey travelling to Denver, where another picked up and went as far as Salt Lake City, where daffy was then transported by a third furriend to Twin Falls, Idaho where her new forever owners picked her up and took her to her new home. Daffy now has a new mom and dad, and even a sister in a cat, but most importantly she has a new family that cares for her and a new home. An unusual beginning, a sad story, and a happy ending; social media is not only for gossip and complaining or saying “look at me,” it can also build new friends and bring together new families.