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michael kors hamilton bag It's amazing, isn't it? Nashville, I mean. Once simply known as the home of country music, now rapidly becoming the home of a plethora of entertainment genres; Broadway shows at TPAC, rocking out at War Memorial Auditorium, pop at Bridgestone, country hits at Ryman, oldies bands at Wildhorse, symphony at Schermerhorn Symphony Center. Yep, it's a given that Nashville ain't just the home of country anymore. Of course, most all of the amazing venues the city has to offer are right in the heart of downtown Nashville amidst all the country bars, honky tonks, eateries and offices, making it a high traffic area and sometimes downright difficult to navigate. And for that reason, many people stay clear of the entire city. Which is a shame, really, because there are alternatives to fighting the traffic and crazy-expensive parking fees. To that end, I thought I'd give you a few tips on parking in downtown Nashville. You may be wondering, at this point, what any of this has to do with an article on Schermerhorn Symphony Center. Well, I'll tell you. As my honey and I were strolling across the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge back to our car after attending the amazing Coffee and Classics Series Haydn and Strauss concert at the center this morning, said honey mentioned that he imagined a lot of people probably don't realize how easy, and often free, parking can be for these events, so I decided to make this article about how to park for all those amazing concerts at Schermerhorn. For the Friday morning Coffee and Classics Series the center has just rolled out, there is Free Parking and free shuttle service for all Coffee and Classics concerts. And did I mention that coffee and pastries are free before the concert too? Now, for all other concerts at the center, parking is almost always free at Lot R of LP Field, with a .00 roundtrip shuttle cost per person. But, don't be afraid to take advantage of Lot R's free parking and then take a breathtaking stroll across the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge, free multi-color lighted elevator rides included, which ends right at Schermerhorn's front door. If you've never walked across the historic bridge, you are missing one of the most beautiful sights Nashville has to offer. The bridge is brilliantly lighted at night, with an amazing view of downtown Nashville magnificently reflected in the lovely Cumberland River. No matter how many times you cross it, you won't be able to resist taking one more photo. So, avoid the hassle of parking downtown and take advantage of FREE parking in Lot R at LP Field before all series concerts and most special events! Shuttles are available to and from the lot for just per person roundtrip, cash only. If you subscribe to seven or more concerts, you can receive free shuttle passes as part of your platinum subscription package. Please call your Patron Services Specialist to request shuttle passes! Now that we have your traffic and parking phobias taken care of, make sure not to miss a night – or morning – at Schermerhorn. Tonight's concert is Haydn and Strauss, with guest conductor Carlos Kalmar, which was performed this morning, as well. And let me tell you, because I was there, this is a truly fantastic concert. Maestro Kalmar is absolutely every bit as entertaining and impressive to watch conduct the orchestra as the orchestra itself. His movements and expressions, as he conducts, mirror the passionate flow of the pieces being performed, making it a double header as far as entertainment value goes. The music of Haydn was new to me and I loved it. Flowingly beautiful, yet incredibly exciting; just the mixture I love in classical music. Don't forget, get your symphony on every Friday morning at 10:30 at the Coffee and Classics Series at Schermerhorn Symphony Center. Free parking, free shuttle service, free coffee and free pastries – where else can you get all that? And if you can't skip work, you've got Friday and Saturday evenings to do it. Haydn & Strauss, performed tonight and tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. Get your tickets and more information here.