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michael kors discount However, ferret owners are very lucky in this regard. There is a secret to clipping your ferret’s toenails that makes it easy, quick, and painless. The secret is FerreTone. FerreTone is a supplement that is available at many pet stores throughout America. You can also buy it online from such retailers as Ferret Depot. http://www.ferretdepot.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=fd&Pr... Made by 8 in 1, FerreTone is absolutely irresistible to a clear majority of ferrets. At the Oregon Ferret Shelter, most ferrets will happily lap up a goodly portion of FerreTone the instant it becomes available. Although there are some ferrets who do not like it, these fellows are few and far between. Chances are good that if you provide your ferrets with FerreTone, they will love it. Here is how you use FerreTone to clip your ferret’s toenails: 1. Have the supplies ready. You will need a clipper (either a human’s nail clipper or a cat’s nail clipper will do), and you will need a few drops of FerreTone. 2. Put the ferret on their back in your arms. The ferret might be a bit confused at first, especially if you do not handle your ferret frequently. Just be gentle but firm as you lay him or her back in your arms. 3. Put a small amount on the ferret’s belly. A dime-sized dollop should keep your ferret entertained for the time that you need him or her to be occupied. 4. Let the ferret find the FerreTone. You will be able to easily tell when the ferret has found the supplement. Their focus will sharpen to a pinpoint, and they will start lapping it up furiously. 5. At this point, you can do pretty much anything with the ferret. Their full attention is on that dime-sized bit of heaven on their belly. They are so entranced by the tone that you might even be able to juggle them at this point, though that is not recommended. 6. Start clipping. Start with the front claws. Examine each claw before clipping. Do you see a red line inside the claw? That is what is known as the “quick,” and you do not want to cut into that. Clip the clear portion in front of the quick, and avoid getting close to it, as that area is very sensitive. 7. When you clip the back claws, be particularly careful as this area is usually smaller and more sensitive. 8. If you need to put more FerreTone on the ferret’s belly while going through this process, by all means, don’t be stingy. FerreTone is cheap. Ferret Depot only charges .99 for a 16-ounce bottle. That’s all there is to it. If you need more instructions on how to clip your ferret’s toenails, feel free to call Chris Mathis, owner of the Oregon Ferret Shelter. She has 30 years of experience with ferrets and will be happy to teach you how to clip toenails. In fact, if you would like to volunteer and practice clipping toenails on shelter ferrets, call Chris at 503-557-8369 and schedule a day to come learn by doing. If you would like to learn more about ferrets, or you are interested in adopting a ferret of your own, please visit the Oregon Ferret Shelter’s web page at http://www.oregonferretshelter.org/.