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michael kors designer handbags Phaedra Parks filed a defamation suit against her former friend Angela Stanton after Stanton allegedly claimed Parks had ran her own check cashing scam years ago. However, now that the suit is underway, Parks doesn’t seem like she wants to pursue it. According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star has refused to sit for a deposition in regard to the scam on multiple occasions. In her suit against Stanton, Parks claimed her statements were “libelous,” but since she hasn’t been forthcoming with the evidence which would show her side of the case, attorneys for Stanton are moving to have the judgement made in their favor. If the allegations against Parks were untrue, it’s odd to see that she isn’t pursuing this case — especially since she’s the one who filed it to begin with. Could her lack of follow-up be a sign that she was guilty of the allegations? If so, it would make sense that she could have also been a part of the recent allegations made against her husband, Apollo, which will likely land him behind bars. And if she was a part of it, she can kiss her legal license goodbye!