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michael kors cheap handbags firedog665, I'm sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, but the new format does not send me an email when someone posts; I did not know you had done so. The fact that I'm retired form the Army is not exactly a state secret; a U.S. Army Retired flag flies in front of the house right next to Old Glory. I'm touched that you are interested in my personal health, but you can rest easy, I do not have any disabilities nor do receive any disability retirement benefits - not bad for a 70-year-old. In fact, disability retirement is one of the most abused items in all of America's retirement systems, including public service AND military retirements. One of my in-laws has a military disability retirement, but he was wounded several times in the service (more than 20-years in Special Forces) and had to have part of his face rebuilt, lost some vision and hearing. He earned it the hard way. I once interviewed a ex-fireman for a job involving hazardous materials and I asked him, a young man, why he quit the fire fighting career. He told me he took an early disability retirement. I told him that the job he was applying for also required a lot of physical exertion, moving heavy barrels, packing, lifting, etc. and, at times, wearing a HEPA filtered face mask. He said that it was no problem he could do anything and he had no breathing issues. Unfortunately for him I found someone who was better qualified for the position, but I often wondered about his 'disability.' Do you agree that too many disability retirements are bogus? OBTW, are you going to ask for my tax returns? Regards, Marty Richman