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michael kors black handbag It was once said by Voltaire, "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." For all intents and purposes, most people in our society would say that the one being we should not and are not allowed to criticize is God; Yahweh. But let's be bold. Let's analyze his actions, study him in retrospect, and do an in-depth critique of his behavior. Let us begin at the beginning. "In the beginning," the Good Book says that "God created the Heavens and the Earth." Good or bad, for whatever reason he did this, this was an amazing feat. And he did this just by speaking it into existence. He then puts on the Earth the beasts of the sea, land, and air. Finally on the sixth day, he decides to go all out and create humans; two of them. And what does he do next? What orders does he give them? Does he tell them to be good to each other? No. Don't get in any fights? No. Don't do anything intentionally to make the other mad? Again, no. He puts a forbidden tree right smack dab in the center of their living space; tells them, "You know the fruit of this tree? The one I am placing right here where you can eat what it produces? Don't eat anything on it. Don't touch it." This bizarre behavior goes even further. He places a talking serpent in the Garden; one that wants them to disobey him and eat the fruit of the tree he just told them not to eat any of. And get this. He knows they will disobey him and be tempted by the serpent and eat of the fruit of that tree. But he does all of this anyway and calls this "free will." When they inevitably and according to him, predictably, disobey him, what does he do next? He overreacts entirely and curses all of humanity forever, the men with having to till the soil to get things to eat and the women with having horrible birth pains until the end of time. If this being does this because two people ate fruit, I'd hate to see what happens when someone really does something that is wrong like intentionally murders someone. Oh, wait. You can be forgiven for that. But whatever you do, stay away from his sacred fruit.