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michael kors bags outlet In the new "Bachelor" 2014 spoilers just out, one video clip shows Andi Dorfman at the "Women Tell All" episode jumping to Juan Pablo's defense. As fans are well aware, Andi eliminated herself off "The Bachelor" Monday night when her connection with Juan Pablo clearly was not there. It seems that after their argument... and the way Andi was confronting Juan Pablo on his "thoughtless" behavior...the last thing she would do is be on his side for anything. E! News published an online report Feb. 28 that showed a sneak peek of the "Women Tell All" set to air next Monday. When some of the other women alleged that Juan Pablo was partial to a few of the contestants, Andi Dorfman had her own view on that. Andi says at the "Women Tell All": "I hear people say he was favoring these special people and that kind of bothers me. I was just saying to Renee, it's not him putting Casssandra and Renee above us. I think he just saw them differently. A perfect example of that was Cassandra. The minute he didn't see it with Cassandra, he felt like she should go home." At least Andi touched on the fact she sang a different tune on "The Bachelor" after spending the night with Juan Pablo in the Fantasy Suite. "There are parts where I think he was a jerk and I have no problem saying that to him," she says. Juan Pablo uttered his typical response to Andi. "It's OK," he says smiling. Reality Steve, who writes on "The Bachelor" spoilers, named Andi Dorfman as "The Bachelorette" 2014. Was some of Andi's speech engineered behind-the-scenes to help promote her new status as the next "Bachelorette" lead? In 2011, the same type of thing happened when Ashley Hebert was named lead that year. When she was at the "Women Tell All," she made a point to be the one to who took the high road when Brad Womack chose Emily Maynard. Is there a pattern here? "The Bachelor" 2014, "Women Tell All" special will air Monday, Mar. 3 on ABC at 8 p.m., ET/PT. Heather focuses on trending news and entertainment headlines. To read more from this writer, her Twitter page is @HotTopicWriter or hit the "Subscribe."