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michael kors bags discount Leah Calvert and her husband Jeremy Calvert are going through hard times on Teen Mom 2. After Jeremy was laid off from his job, the pair seemed to have a lot of tension between them. In a Feb. 25th Teen Mom 2 featured moment, Leah discussed their underlying issues. “I kind of thought that I was being punished by you for all the stress,” Leah admits to her husband after he told her that it’s difficult for him to open up about his anxiety. “It’s hard when you don’t talk about it, because I feel like you keep it inside you, and then you let everything boil up.” Since Jeremy was not able to work, his stress level was quite high, and with admitted adjustment issues when it comes to his family, things were difficult to deal with, causing him to shut down. On the road, Jeremy is alone, with no wife and no kids, so when he returns home, it’s hard to get back to life as a family man, and the transition is often rocky. Still, Leah and the kids need him. “You’re the part of our family that keeps us going,” she told Jeremy. “All of us girls look up to you, and it was scary because you were falling apart and we needed you at your best.” Nowadays, things have gotten much better for Leah and Jeremy, and as the season plays out, fans will see that.