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michael kors baby bag After being reported stolen by her blind owner, Diamond was turned into police. "We saw her on Craigslist and contacted the so-called owner of the dog," said Thomas O'Shea. His family purchased Diamond the service dog. The O'Shea family had already started to treat her as a family member. "When I got there I saw how sweet she was and that she listened," O'Shea said. He said that's why he didn’t mind buying the dog from the Craigslist post even without her licensing papers. He didn't know she was stolen from Sheryl Williams, who is legally blind. "I was told it was a one year old dog and I knew it wasn't one year old," he said. Looking back, he says that was the first sign something wasn't quite right. O'Shea purchased the dog from Bonnie Ritchie, who has been arrested on felony theft charges. "She gave him a story that it was her neighbor's dog and he went to jail and she promised to get it a home," said Dayton Police Detective Danielle Cash. Cash said Ritchie then changed her story. "She said she didn't want to tell the truth when officers talked to her last night, she'd already sold it and didn't want to get in trouble." When O'Shea saw the story on the news he said he knew the stolen dog was the one he had purchased. "It wasn't easy, but I knew it was going to hurt my kids and my wife she was balling too," he said. Diamond has been returned to her owner. O'Shea says he's happy about that, but he's learned a lesson. "I will definitely be more cautious in the future. It's not all bad on Craigslist, there's just a few on there doing illegal things." "But I am thankful they did, or I wouldn't have my dog back," said Sheryl Williams, the dog's owner. Because of their actions to return the beloved dog, the O'Shea family said they have other offers for a new Rottweiler puppy.