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michael kores William Shakespeare's works have never been more fun and sexy and it is all thanks to Christy English! English's Shakespearean inspired Regency tales are fun looks and re-imaginings of the works by Shakespeare. In her third Shakespearean inspired novel, "Much Ado About Jack", readers get to enjoy a delightful and steamy tale about an independent and strong woman and the handsome and sexy captain that captured her heart. "Much Ado About Jack" is the story of Angelique Beachamp, Countess of Devonshire and Captain James "Jack" Montgomery. Readers will remember Angelique from "Love on a Midsummer Night", the loyal and fierce friend of Arabella Darlington, Duchess of Hawthorne. Angelique is strong, independent, loyal, and loves a good romp with a handsome and seductive man. Having experienced a sad and lonely marriage and a heartbreaking period as a mistress to another man, Angelique has learned to keep her romances light and guard her heart. When Captain James Montgomery walks on her ship, Angelique's life is changed forever. James aka Jack and Angelique cannot control their passion and fascination with one another, but Angelique's heart has been broken too many times and she fears what could happen with Jack. When Angelique's dearest friend Arabella is placed in danger, there is more than Angelique's heart at stake. Will Jack prove himself worthy of Angelique? English does it again! Her Shakespearean inspired novels are simply a delight. Glamorous, entertaining, and oh so lusty, they make you smile and just sit back and enjoy. While the story is steamy, she also creates interesting characters. Angelique is such a force to be reckoned with and a real standout female character. Females during the Regency were supposed to soft, proper, and pliable, but Angelique is dynamic, strong, and won't be messed with. Jack is also a delight. You'll find yourself being seduced by him as well thanks to his moves in the bedroom and his big heart. Using the interesting and well-written characters from English's previous novel was also genius because you get to see all these relationships further explored and understand them better. It will be exciting to see what Shakespearean play that English takes on next! Whatever she chooses, it will be entertaining, fun, and a lovely tribute to the "Bard of Avon"! To purchase "Much Ado About Jack": http://www.amazon.com/Much-About-Jack-Christy-English/dp/1402270518 For more information on Christy English: http://www.christyenglish.com/