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discounted michael kors handbags G.P. is the creator of the project Crosseyed Miles. He considers his music to fall in a range between pop and country. “I suppose if I was pigeonholed, the closest I'd say would be rock, alternative. My heroes of music range from Elton & Stevie Wonder, all the way to Aaron Lewis of Stain'd & Shaun Lewis of Seether.” After hearing his music played on TRS 247 Radio, I can see how his influential musical idols have rubbed off on his talent. The lyrics are very personal and seem to be about his own perspective and deep understanding of relationships, life and love. His music is very laid back with fresh guitar riffs and a cruising sort of feel to them. G.P.'s voice has a nice tone, perfect for easy listening. I was so intrigued by the Crosseyed Miles project that I had to ask them a few questions. Here they are: How did you come up with that name? Well, like most of us, I've been through my slice of hell, some TO me, a lot of it self-inflicted because I had a difficult time looking in the mirror to see that the common denominator of my issues was ME. I've walked al ot of miles crosseyed to my own truth... so there it is. I thank my Lord God for waking me up! How long have you been pursuing your craft? Oh man, I've been writing stories since elementary school & songs since high school. I actually recently found a folder from way back then; it was frightening! I have been professionally playing acoustic music in my hometown for over ten years now. What are you plans for the music industry; singing, songwriting, producing, touring? My whole goal with Crosseyed Miles is tv/movie licensing. That is one of two "end games", if you will. Second part is, I would love to write songs for known acts. The whole touring thing is not really why I started this whole project. I have a fantastic twelve year old son and an amazing wife who I just celebrated two years with. They are my life, and proudly so! How have you evolved personally and musically since you first began your journey? Tons! Before I did the work to become a better person, a lot of my lyrics were dark; kind of emo. I still have those moments, but I try now to use the tools Ive learned to focus forward. My work now is much lighter, happier and hopeful, as well as faith-based. How do you measure success? Great question! From a personal standpoint, it's doing anything I can to make sure my son has what he needs to grow up into a good man with integrity and belief in himself. I also work hard to be the best husband I can be. Professionally, I want to work hard in my field & pray that someone soon will choose me to write songs with or for them. What has being an independent artist taught you? You have to have motivation, you need to work harder than the next guy. I'll steal from here...I call it the GP Family Hustle. My wife does so much for our business and she puts in 115%. The biggest thing... patience...and that is a challenge for me. For example, I use as my licensing source; The track I wrote with my cousin, Marc Malsegna, called "Love Me/Hate Me- (Decide)," was just sent to eight very well-known reality shows. Now it is a waiting game to see when/if they are used. I feel good about my chances, but it still takes time. Gotta be patient. What is the best advice you can give to another Indie Artist. Hustle. I'm new at this, and I'm not a known commodity...yet. I intend to work very hard until someone finds me. I want to share my words with the world... especially those who are hurting, and give them some kind of hope. If I can help someone with even one line, that's amazing to me. Also, another piece of advice, laugh back at people who laugh at you or poke at you, and disconnect yourself from them. They are just in your way. How do you engage with your fans? Reverbnation, CDBaby, are a few. Facebook is my main tool, always looking for new likes to the page. The hope is that one person sees it and passes it on. That person passes it to two people, and so on. I finally stop being resistant to Twitter, so now I'm on there as well, which is how I met you all! Are you currently performing and touring? Here's the thing, Crosseyed Miles is unique in that it's primarily a studio project designed with the intent to market my tracks for movie/tv licensing. It's not a traditional project. I write 100% of the lyrics, do 100% of the vocals and the melodies are almost always mine. My weakness is I don't play guitar, so I co-write w/amazing local guitarists, then hire session players to play the other integral parts. Now if someone ever came forward and wanted to make a full band out of it, I'd have to look into it perhaps, but the likelihood of that isn't all that big, I am content writing tracks, putting them out there, and seeing what happens. My ultimate dream is to co-write a song w/Aaron or Shaun... and I pray that somehow, someday, God blesses me with that opportunity. For now, Crosseyed Miles will just keep growing, learning & rockin! After reading this great interview, you can find out more about Crosseyed Miles by checking out their links below: