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discounted michael kors Marty,This is a good start on the rgeat Calpers rip-off of the taxpayers. I'm sure you're going to cover more in later articles but perhaps this will serve as a starting list of issues to be addressed:1) the percent multiplied by years of service is also multiplied by final year's pay as you stated. So say a 3/30 plan recipient gets 90% of final year pay. Notice it is not final year salary so many employees - especially public safety- work as much overtime as they can their final year boosting their final year pay by 20 - 30% or more and they get 90% of that overtime every year for the rest of their lives. 2) Unused sick days are paid in a lump sum - e.g. the San Jose police chief retired about a year ago and took away his 90% pension plus a one-off payment of almost 0,000 for unused sick days3) Calpers has long used unrealistic estimates of it's expected investment returns - currently 7%+ I believe lulling taxpayers into believing their contributions will be less than expected - because taxpayers get to make up for any shortfall in Calpers investment performance Keep up the good work exposing these unsustainable agreements that were signed by city managers and councils across the state - including Hollister and San Benito county.