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discount michael kors handbags In the Old Testament of the Bible, there are a number of instances where God’s almighty power is rather impressive. The creation of everything imaginable (and then some) kicks off a remarkable series of extraordinary events. There is the flood, which calls attention to Noah and his family – a devout family that is spared from God’s wrath along with two of each beast known to the world at that time. Along comes Moses and his persuasive methods on behalf of God to convince the Egyptian Pharaoh to release the Israelites from the bondage of slavery, and of course those events build up to the parting of the Red Sea – a miracle of rather inspiring proportions. There are many such instances in the OT that dramatically work to enlighten humans about God’s greatness and his desire to draw us into a deeper relationship with him.The New Testament is the greatest sequel of all time. Mary, a young woman born without sin, is visited by an angel and conceives the Son of God by the power of the Holy Spirit. God himself is incarnated! Through his ministry, Jesus reveals the God that many people in the OT were unwilling to see. Then Christ is crucified and dies for all of us (for each and every one of us, whether we believe in him or not) and once more God’s greatness is manifested in the Resurrection! Our loving Heavenly Father has gone to great lengths to get our attention and show us his divine love.It would seem that in modern times there are innumerable distractions to take our attention away from God, including the trend to deny his existence altogether. But some folks in Hollywood are using the media of distraction to refocus our attention on God this year. Due to the recent ground-breaking success of the History Channel’s airing of The Bible mini-series and the enormous following of the Robertson family on A&E, Hollywood is getting on board with the popularity of faith-based entertainment. This year there are at least a half dozen movies ready to be released that either Biblically, or faithfully, put God back in the spotlight.The first of such movies has been released today at local theaters. See the movie trailers here:Son of God – The depiction of the life of Jesus Christ, Son of God – February 28, 2014 – The Old Testament story of Noah and the flood – comes out March 8, 2014 is for Real – based on a true story about a child’s near-death experiences and the aftermath comes out April 16, 2014’s Not Dead is a movie about one young Christian student who challenges the secular and atheist views of a college professor, due to be released Spring, 2014 - a movie to highlight the story of the Israelites escape from Egypt, coming December 12, 2014 (trailer coming soon)Mary, Mother of Christ TBA (trailer coming soon)So, what happens when God takes center stage and gets our attention? Some would say grace happens, others would note miracles, and still others would suggest that something is transformed and altered forever. The popular notion spurred on by followers of Nietzsche and the like seems to have gained some momentum alongside the driving energy that God is alive and well. God doesn’t seem to die just because we declare it, nor does he fade from our hearts because secular ideology attempts to replace him. It is God’s show – and the show must go on!