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discount michael kors bags “Flipping Out” star Jeff Lewis has been filming his show for quite some time, sharing his thoughts on flipping houses, doing business and designing homes for clients. However, it sounds like he will start sharing his personal life on the show, as he and Gage are now talking about starting a family. According to a new Bravo report published on Feb. 27, “Flipping Out” star Jeff Lewis is now revealing when children will fit into his business plans. "We'll probably have a baby before we get married. That's been more of our focus," Jeff has revealed about his life. Last season when they were filming, Gage was eager to start planning for a family. However, it sounds like they have been focusing on building up their business and Jeff isn’t fighting with Jenni Pulos anymore. "We lost our way, but we've gotten back home," he says. "There isn't the drama of Jenni and me trying to kill or sue each other anymore. The issues we have now are with clients. It's all the good, funny stuff." But just because Jeff and Jenni are getting along doesn’t mean that there isn’t drama. This new season, it is all about the people working with them and the clients. "Every season there's turnover, but this season in particular there was a lot," Jeff said. "Three new employees came in, and two quit. It's not the easiest place to work." It sounds like this new season will be very interesting for “Flipping Out” fans. Will you be watching?