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discount michael kors Police found an elderly woman and two children in a Latonia Lakes home in a situation so bad that the woman who took care of them is now charged with abuse. 29-year-old Christina Kurtz is charged with two counts of child abuse. Police say they took Kurtz's 89-year-old grandmother to the hospital and the state is watching her two young children for the time being. Police describe the living conditions as some of the worst they've seen and smelled. The inside of the Kurtz home doesn't appear to be that bad. Perhaps a little cluttered but livable. The horrendous smell of urine and animal feces is a different story. "The bed was covered in urine and feces, much of the furniture in the house was in that same condition. This is furniture the children would sleep, play on. The floors were covered," Det. Andrew Schieberg of the Kenton County Police said. Robert Lile says he lives in the basement. His mother is the 89-year-old woman that was taken to the hospital. His niece is the woman in jail. Lile says he's lived in the home among animal and human waste for more than a year. "After awhile you get used to it. It's sickening, like I said I usually live downstairs. What goes on up here is a different story," he said. Animal control took 13 dogs from the home that now are being cared for at the Kenton County Animal Shelter. Not reporting child abuse is a crime in Kentucky. At the moment, Christina Kurtz is the only member of the family under arrest. She could face additional criminal charges regarding the child abuse. Investigators are also looking at filing animal abuse charges against her. As for the reason police were there in the first place, they were assisting officers with the Department of Corrections looking for a wanted person. Lile says police were looking for the boyfriend of Christina Kurtz. According to police the man they were looking for has not been caught.