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cheap michael kors wallets The colon, also known as your large intestine, plays an important role in the human digestive system. It can be divided into four parts and is responsible for receiving the chyme which is stored in the colon. The chyme uses a fermentation process where the bacteria converts any indigestible food parts, electrolytes and some water into fecal matter. It also removes salt and absorbs vitamins from the waste matter. The chyme is then converted into semi solid stools and eventually is eliminated out of the body, through the squeezing and contracting of the muscles lining the colon wall. As mentioned bacteria converts the foods into stools, but the bacteria also plays another important role in maintaining a healthy gut. There are two types of good bacteria that can be found in the colon and these help to prevent disease as well as prevent the overgrowth of bad bacteria. If your colon does not eliminate waste on a regular basis, the bad bacteria may increase and the colon becomes a breeding ground for harmful parasites and other disorders. If the colon is not cleansed, waste can build up over the years and become encrusted on the walls and affect elimination of waste. It can also hinder the absorption of food and nutrients in the digestive tract. Once this occurs, the problems can only be compounded if your diet is particularly bad or simply remain an issue even with correct diet and lifestyle changes. A colon cleanse may be the only option in order to rectify this. Before doing a colon cleanse it is important to know some symptoms to look for. Constipation is a common sign that your colon is not working effectively and suggest poor colon health. One common cause of constipation is diet and dehydration. If you are not getting enough water or fiber in your diet this can be cause of constipation. Along with poor diet and lack of water intake some other causes are lack of exercise, health conditions such as multiple sclerosis, medications and laxative abuse. There are many risk factors that are associated with poor colon health such as diverticulitis, colon cancer and hemorrhoids to name a few. Therefore, it is important to know the benefits of a colon cleanse. A good cleanse will improve the function of the colon as well as eliminate symptoms of an unhealthy digestive system. Many Americans are missing fiber in their diets which is extremely important in regard to colon health as it helps to rid your body of toxic waste products. A colon cleansing does not solely focus on the colon, but on the various organs that are involved in the digestive process. There are many laxative options that can treat constipation and cleanse the colon, but these products come with side effects. Laxatives are not recommended for long term treatment and may have a harsh affect on the body, particularly if overused. They can also lead to severe dehydration, sweating, diarrhea and nausea to name a few side effects. There are, however, alternative treatment options for a healthy colon. Colopril is a colon cleansing supplement that contains ingredients that cleanse naturally and are associated with less side effects than the laxative alternative. Since, these natural supplements are gentler on the body they may be used for a longer period of time than laxatives. The supplement treatment alternative gives people the opportunity to carry out a colon cleanse in the privacy of their own home for less cost than professional cleansing. Unlike laxatives, products like colopril, may be used as preventative measures, treating problems before they occur. A good supplement should contain natural ingredients such as Guar Gum, Barley Rice Fiber and Oat Bran with no additives or fillers. Therefore, you do have cheaper, safer options than a professional cleansing or the use of laxatives which have side effects. One option is a natural supplement called Colopril which can be used in the privacy of your own home.