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In Arizona elections, it’s not just politicians and ballot proposals that voters have to decide on — they also get to decide whether a judge should remain on the bench.

The governor appoints judges, who then face a public retention vote every four years.

If voters decide not to retain a judge, the governor appoints a replacement.

The Arizona Commission on Judicial Performance Review interviews judges and collects input from the attorneys, litigants, witnesses and others who have had interactions with the judge in making an evaluation.

The result of that process is a commission vote on whether an individual judge meets commission standards for retention.

Evaluations done earlier this year found all but one of the judges up for retention met with commission standards.

Those standards include: fair and ethical administration of justice; being free of personal bias in decisions making; deciding cases based on the proper application of law; issuing prompt rulings that demonstrate competent legal analysis; acting with dignity and patience; and having effective courtroom and administrative management.

The commission decided that Catherine Woods did not meet the judicial performance standards by a 22 to 7 vote.

Woods is the only judge on the Pima County ballot to receive a negative recommendation.

Contact reporter Patrick McNamara at 573-4241 or pmcnamara@tucson.com. On Twitter: @pm929

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